"In Fall of 2015, I signed on to curate a series of shows at Baltimore's Downbeat-recognized jazz venue, An Die Musik. Back in the city for the first time in years, I wanted to reconnect to the city's jazz community, which had helped foster my interest in this music. My hope was to feature some of Baltimore's greatest living jazz artists, the ones I’d grown up listening to.....Antonio Hart.....Warren Wolf.....Winard Harper.....Tim Green.....That was an ambitious idea, but a great Baltimore jazz pianist once told me, "You'll never know if you don't ask." So I did. And as with every musician I've ever encountered in Baltimore, they responded with genuine enthusiasm and encouragement.

Soon after booking the musicians, I was approached by a fantastic new recording company, Charles Street Sound (www.charlesstreetsound.com), to discuss the possibility of recording the shows. While not my initial aim, I realized that a live album, recorded in Baltimore, with some of my hometown heroes, was the absolute dream scenario for putting together an album. Rather than trying to impress with intricate arrangements and carefully managed solos, I wanted to capture these musicians playing in the way that I first heard them years ago, when my devotion to this music and this city were first sparked: stretching out and jamming on some timeless standards."

  1. "Isfahan"- featuring Warren Wolf (vibraphone)
  2. "Like Someone in Love"- featuring Antonio Hart (alto saxophone)
  3. "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face"- featuring Winard Harper (drums)
  4. "Somethin' fo' Smitty"- featuring Tim Green (alto saxophone)
  5. "How About You"- featuring Antonio Hart (alto saxophone)

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